What We Do


Do you love flms?

Do you want to see more films for children from around the world?

Why is it so hard to find international children’s films?


There are many wonderful films with an appeal to young audiences, most of which will never make it to a cinema near you. The commercial constraints of distribution and exhibition mean children are missing out on films beyond the Hollywood studios, which reflect the lives and experiences of children and young people from many countries and cultures around the world.

Small World Cinema  is a non-profit company founded to combine information and research, distribution and consultancy and is dedicated to making more children’s and family films from a wide range of cultures and languages available and accessible – at home, at school and in cinemas.

We want to create a different landscape for  children’s and family film, encompassing features and shorts, live-action dramas and comedies, animation and documentaries from all six continents.

  • Entertaining and engaging stories
  • Award-winning productions
  • Films with something to say about the world and the way children and young people experience it.

Our aim is to broaden the range of films available to children, young people and families  and to create a network which engages everyone with the riches of world cinema for young audiences.

Small World Cinema provides services to:

  • National and International Festivals
  • Cinemas
  • Schools and Education institutions
  • Conference and events

Specialist consultancy and programming services to cinemas, festivals and other events  for children.

Small World Cinema has a knowledge base on productions for children from all over the world which has been built up over more than ten years in this field, working with writers and producers, international festivals and conferences.

With a network of international and UK contacts, creative and commercial, engaged in production, distribution and exhibition for children, Small World Cinema can offer research and consultancy to festivals, exhibitors or other organisations wishing to programme films for children or young people. We regularly attend the major European children’s film festivals so if you are running a festival for children anywhere in the world and would like to keep abreast of the films presented at Berlinale Generation, Cinekid, Ale Kino and others, contact us. We will  recommend films with the specific interests of your festival in mind as well as  facilitating contacts with sales agents and producers.

  • Film research and programming
  • Shorts compilation programmes
  • Negotiations with distributors/ sales agents on screening fees and rights
  • Provision of resources and film information for audiences
  • Design and facilitation of other events and workshops around screenings, including arrangement of Q&As with directors

Research and consultancy for schools and other education institutions.

We can find films as resources for specific education needs and subjects in the curriculum or for particular school projects or events:

  • Films on specific themes
  • Films from selected countries or regions of the world
  • Films for particular age-groups
  • Films in different genres

We  can  work with writers and teachers to suggest imaginative ways for teachers to use the films we recommend in the curriculum and within particular subjects.

We will also provide written classroom resources.

 Organisation of special events, seminars, conferences and colloquia

Small World Cinema staff bring more than 10 years of experience in designing and organising conferences and seminars about children’s film and media. This includes work with the BBC, Channel 4, the BFI, Performing Arts Labs (PAL) as well as international organisations,  including the Conservatoire Europeen d’Ecriture Audiovisuelle, France,  Masterschool Drehbuch, and Primehouse Germany and Eleeanora Productions, India. Services include:

  • Identifying and organising speakers and panel members
  • Designing and organising sessions and workshops
  • Event management