Films for the Family at the London Film Festival








The London Film Festival ( 9th – 20th October) offers a rare opportunity to see some films from around the world the whole family can enjoy. This year there is a Gala screening of Foosball 3D, an animated feature. Anyone who saw the Oscar-winning The Secret in their Eyes should be intrigued as it’s made by the same Argentinian director Juan José Campanella….Also in the Family section are features from South Africa, Germany , France, Spain, Denmark and a Uruguay/Colombia co-production, Anina. Good to see so many live –action films in the mix too and also a rare UK contribution to the family film catalogue, Side by Side, a first feature from director Arthur Landon. Trailers for most of them can be found on YouTube (or Vimeo for The Kids from the Port) if you want to get a taste, and hopefully an appetite. But look beyond the family section too – there may well be other movies lurking under categories that could also be of interest: in particular we spied The Rocket in the ‘Journey’ section which was in Generation K Plus at this year’s Berlinale. It won the Chrystal Bear ( the main prize in Generation) and is reviewed in our April blog by Laura Kloss.

It’s a pity the Family section of the Festival is still the smallest – a total of 8 feature films out of a total of 234 in the Festival -and perhaps the least publicised. But if we want more in future years the Festival needs to be convinced they will attract a big audience – so vote with your feet and go!

Foreign language films have subtitles but some will also have an actor reading the text which younger views can listen to through headphones. But why not suggest they try without them first – they may find it easier than they think!
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Jenny Thompson