There are quite a few family films from around the world available on DVD. These are the films that are shown at children’s film festivals but almost never in UK cinemas. Our features and shorts databases list films available to buy on DVD, or in some cases also to rent.

Small World Cinema has reviewed all the films listed. Age suitability indications are a guide only of course.

Most are in their original language with English subtitles. You’ll find some in English too, either from the UK or other English-speaking countries. Occasionally only original language versions are available. But we’ve put one or two of these in anyway, when we thought them especially brilliant: the UK, after all, has plenty of children growing up speaking languages other than English. Watching films in your mother tongue is a great way to maintain fluency and interest in the other languages you are growing up with.

Please do send us your comments on any of the films here and also suggestions for others you would like to recommend.  We want to build as comprehensive a catalogue as possible. We will continue to add new films to the list so do keep checking back! Unless otherwise stated, all the films here are available through