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Our aim is to broaden the range of films available to children and families  and to create a network which engages everyone with the riches of world cinema for young audiences.

Most children and young people are unaware of the enormous wealth of films from other countries and in other languages, despite living in one of the most culturally diverse nations on earth’.

21st Century Literacy Strategy Document, ‘A strategy for film education across the UK

Here you can find out about international features and shorts available to watch at home or at school. 



Dir. René Bo Hansen (Sweden/Kazakhastan, 2009), Language: Kazakh/Mongolian

For Ages 10+

Twelve year old Bazarbi, the younger son of a family of nomads, lives in Western Mongolia where hunting with eagles is still a part of nomadic life. However Bazarbi is not interested in his father’s eagle or learning the tradition of eagle hunting: he just wants to follow his older brother who leaves to find work in the city and is angry that his family won’t allow him to go too. But when his father’s eagle suddenly disappears he embarks on a fantastic journey through the Mongolian landscape in search of it. The eagle soon finds him and the two forge an extraordinary bond that leads them to an even greater adventure.

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SHORT FILMSIn 2012 Small World Cinema worked together with Curzon Cinemas in London, as part of their CineKids programme to screen animated shorts before the main feature at their children’s shows at the Renoir and Curzon Wimbledon cinemas. The programme included The Tiny Fish (Russia) , Koyaa (Slovenia), two films from Iran, Small Things and The Farmer and the Robot, Mobile (Germany), Le Monde Sauvage d’Hawii ( Belgium) and Tyger (Latvia).

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